IoT and 5G. Be your own operator.

IoThon 2019 is Europe’s second research-oriented open source IoT hackathon, taking place in May 3–5 at Aalto University campus, Finland.

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IoThon 2019 is open to the pre-registered participants.


Submit your pitch slides and any additional material you may have, such as links to code in Github, videos about your demo, or anything else that you think the judges may find interesting.  

Please keep in mind that not all of the main judges will see your pitch, meaning that they will make a large part of the judging based on your submission here.


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Riku Jäntti
Professor / Aalto University

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Raimo Kantola
Professor / Aalto University

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Martti Mäntylä
Professor / Aalto University

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Thomas C. Schmidt
Professor / HAW Hamburg

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Salu Ylirisku
Design Teacher / Aalto University

Judging Criteria

  • Overall coolness and awe
    Overall impression of the submission and pitch. Includes aspects such as innovation, or how new and original the idea is, and the overall impression, including how the team has tackled the challenge, used the provided materials in a creative way, etc.
  • Implementation: 5G and IoT
    How are 5G and IoT technologies used? (It is also ok to submit solutions that don't use e.g. 5G, or IoT, or neither, but then you get fewer points.)
  • Impact
    Potential impact of the solution, either to the society, to the economy, or both. Includes aspects such as sustainability, scalability, and business potential.
  • Deliverables
    Quality of the deliverables in the submission. Includes aspects such as the quality of the code (elegantly written, good architecture, etc.), and the quality of the presentation or other submitted results.
  • Open source
    Contributions to open source. Any new code published? Pull requests or other contributions to existing code? Bugs found and corrected?